DUGOUT CLUB, INC. - history​​

The Dugout Club was formed in 1970 to promote and support the sport of baseball in the greater Madison area.  Initially, the primary focus was to serve as a booster club for the University of Wisconsin baseball program.  But ever since the varsity baseball program was cut in 1991, the focus of the Dugout Club has been to financially suppport youth, high school, and amateur programs in and around Dane County.  In 2023, the Dugout Club provided nearly $20,000 to 18 different organizations and nearly $500,000 has been distributed since 1992.


Ben Towns, President
Samantha Rubin, V.P. / Secretary
Tim Richardson, Treasurer
Chris Burwell, Banquet Chair
Jack Bastien
Brian Becker
Tom Bennett
Gary Calhoun
Paul Dimmig
Tim Goldsworthy
Joe Greene
Mike Heald
Pat Heffling
Mike Heller
Nick Krohn
Dennis Semrau
Steve Vaughn