The Dugout Club's Distinguished Service Award was established in 1998 and was renamed the Gus Burwell Distinguished Service Award in 2005.  Gus was a tireless supporter of baseball in the Madison area and served as the Banquet Chair for over 20 years.  He was the consummate "behind the scenes" guy.  For his efforts, Gus was inducted into the Madison Sports Hall of Fame in 2004. The Gus Burwell Distinguished Service Award is presented annually by the Dugout Club to a person who embodies the spirit of helping grow the sport of baseball in the Madison area through activities like coaching, sponsorship, and creating opportunities for others to play.


     1998--Keith Tipler                    1999--Gus Burwell                    2000--Henry Busch

     2001--Skip Zach                       2002--Red Wilson                      2003--Matt Pommer

     2004--Milo Flaten                    2005--Ernie Bruns                     2006--Steve Schmitt

     2007--John Roach                    2008--Tom Bennett                  2009--Ron Krohn

     2010--Dick Anderson              2011--Todd Becker                   2012--Stan Haack

     2013--Jim Wilson                     2014--Tim Scott                         2015--Dennis Semrau

     2016--Bob Vitense                  2017--Doug Melvin                   2018--Kent Adler

     2019--Tim Goldsworthy         2020--Jack Bastien                    2022--Otto Puls

     2023--Rob Hamilton               2024--Paul Dimmig